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Dear DCS Soccer League Parents:

Dear DCS Soccer League Parents:

Our Winter 2019 Soccer League Game Day 4 (Trophy Day) is scheduled for this Saturday, March 2, 2019.


Date, Location, & Parking

When: Saturday, March 02, 2019, 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. For the exact time of your child’s game, please see the schedules.
Where: Soccer field at Kendale Elementary (10693 SW 93 St., Miami, FL, 33176)
Parking: Kendale Elementary east parking lots (entrance from 92 St. or along 93 St.)

Teams: Please see the teams file attached for your child team name/roster.


Game Format

Grades K–1: 6 x 6 (no goalie), 4 quarters (8 min. each). Each player will play at minimum 50% of game time.
Grades 2–5: 8 x 8 (7 and the goalie), 4 quarters (10 min. each). Each player will play at minimum 50% of game time.


What to Wear

Soccer uniform (jersey, shorts, and socks), soccer shoes (cleats) and shin guards. Soccer shoes (cleats) and shin guards are mandatory.


Additional Reminders

Remember the mission of this program is fun. Please respect your child, your coach, and your opponents. Support your team by showing good sportsmanship and respect your coach’s efforts. Children learn by example.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled game start time.

Team snacks are permitted if you choose to provide them. Please throw all garbage in trash cans.


Regarding Uniforms

Most of the players should receive their uniforms already.

UNIFORM NOTE: All uniform sizes were custom ordered per child grade level. Please understand we do not carry uniforms in stock.

If there is no way for your child to wear the uniform (especially shorts and socks), we will try our best to exchange it for a different size at the game site, or you may use your own shorts or socks until we allocate the appropriate size for your child.

The tops/jerseys should not be a problem.

Thank you for your participation, support and cooperation.