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Dear DCS Flag Football League Parents and Players:

Our Winter 2019 Season DCS Flag Football League Game Day 4 (trophy day) is scheduled for this Saturday March 2nd , 2019.


Date, Location, & Parking

When: Saturday, March 2nd , 2019, 12:00 (noon) p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Where: Soccer field at Kendale Elementary (10693 SW 93 St., Miami, FL, 33176)
Kendale Elementary east parking lots (entrance from 92 St. or along 93 St.)



DCS Pinecrest Dolphins:

Billie Aniyah

Billie Stephen

Blakely Connor

Blakely John

Cobbs Derrell

Katz Nathan

Gershman Reed

Rodriguez Andrew

Williamson Jamal

Williamson Josh

DCS Palmetto Panthers

Christie Lenox

Gerson Jace

Sequeira Kaisly

Fernandez Sergio

Krause Preston

Marti Atlas

Lapides Max

Velez Michael

Game Format

7 x 7, 4 quarters (10 min. each). Two 1 min time-outs per half. 10 – 15 minutes pre-match warm up!

Teams are selected by DCS Sports Director.


Games schedule:

9:00 – 10:00 AM: DCS Pinecrest Dolphins vs. DCS Palmetto Panthers



All players should have received uniforms already.


What to Wear

Flag Football uniform (jersey, shorts), flag football or soccer shoes (cleats).


Additional Reminders

Remember the mission of this program is fun. Please respect your child, your coach, and your opponents.

Support your team by showing good sportsmanship and respect your coach’s efforts. Children learn by example.

Team snacks are permitted, if you choose to provide them. Please throw all garbage in trash cans.


Thank you for your participation, support and cooperation.

DCS Management Team

Dade County Sports