About The 2PM Sports Hour

The 2PM Sports Hour is our after-school program for boys & girls (grades PK to 1) at Palmetto Elementary and Vineland K – 8 Center. The program runs throughout the school year (5 days a week, 2–3 p.m.) with a different activity each day.

Enrollment is monthly and the program fee varies each month. The fee depends on the number of practices per month but averages about $220 / month.

Just some of the fun activities:

Introduction to Team Sports
Kickball, T-ball, dodgeball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and flag football.

Yoga for Kids by Kristen Llorca
Kristen will teach essential life skills that allow kids to access inner resources.

Ninja Challenge Day (Palmetto) / Tennis Day (Vineland)
Obstacle course, a test of speed, strength, and ability, jump rope, and more!

Martial Arts
With anti-bullying, self-discipline, self-motivation, & self-confidence training.

Olympic Awards Day
Competition and awards! Last Friday of the month is pizza day!

Upcoming Sessions: Winter/Spring 2024


  • January 8 – 31: $210 (16 practice days)
  • February 1 – 29: $260 (20 practice days)
  • March 1 – 21: $195 (15 practice days)
  • April 1 – 30: $270 (21 practice days)
  • May 1 – 24: $230 (18 practices)
Palmetto Elementary and Vineland K-8 Center 2PM Sports Hour registration have been closed. If you are interested in being added the waiting list​, email coach Steven at steven@dadecountysports.net. Thank you.